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Cultivating Community Manager Mindfulness

community manager mindfulness

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I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be mindful. Sure, it’s a buzz-y term But it’s a term that benefits us, as opposed to ones that leave us feeling hollow and empty. It’s a word like authenticity that, when used correctly, enables us to be our true, vulnerable selves and reap all the benefits that come from doing so.

Back in February at Scribd, we hosted…

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In good organizations, people can focus on their work and have confidence that if they get their work done, good things will happen for both the company and them personally. It is a true pleasure to work in an organization such as this. Every person can wake up knowing that the work they do will be efficient, effective, and make a difference for the organization and themselves. These things make their jobs both motivating and fulfilling.

In a poor organization, on the other hand, people spend much of their time fighting organizational boundaries, infighting, and broken processes. They are not even clear on what their jobs are, so there is no way to know if they are getting the job done or not.

'The hard thing about hard things' by Ben Horowitz (via jaredfranklin)


Chris Pedregal, co-founder of Socratic, on the clear difference between community-centric and community-peripheral businesses. 

Spot on!

Also, they’re hiring. Get at ‘em.

Community Metric: New Customers vs. Existing Customers

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If you’re a community manager who works under a marketing department, don’t forget this:

On average, it costs 6-7x as much to acquire a new customer rather than retaining an existing one.

- data from Mack Collier, “Customer Relationships – Four Ways to Create an Army of Fans for Your Brand : MarketingProfs Article”

That should inspire some loyalty…

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Well ain’t that the truth.

I’d love your feedback on my blog redesign: Fresh and Clean Layout on My Blog

Macbook Air art

I overhauled the format of my blog this weekend. I kept the style the same but threw out most of the sidebar features. In the interest of transparency and authenticity, I thought I’d explain why.

  • People think they want a lot of features and choice, but they are actually much happier without any at all. I learned this from Gretchen Rubin.
  • I want the focus to be centralized around my main…

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If your product was a party, would people want to be there?

Can’t say I’m a big fan of this article overall, but it’s definitely a typical SV founders’ perspective who is at least mostly informed about what a branded community is.


During a wonderful conversation with my friend, Beck Tench, she told me about an interesting shift in thinking that occurred while she worked at a science museum. Beck said that she learned how to treat failure like a scientist.

How do scientists treat failure? What can we learn from…

Failure is a cost you pay on the way to being right.

4 Misconceptions about Community Management

I’m writing this post for founders, engineers, and entrepreneurs. I’m not writing this post for…

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